Thanks For Providing The Experiences Below

"By the end of this trip my goals is to stop worrying about the

small things, make right choices, and listen to good advice... I

don't know if my body will make it... I am glad I came back because this time I made it!!!"  Jacob 2010

"My goal is to be able to get along with others, not complain,

not judge others, abd not compare them to others... I am

nervous about hiking to the Garden of The Gods but I

Accomplished  my goal Tuesday so I hope I can again today...

Breanna 2010

"im kind of nervous about hiking to gareden of the gods.

but i think i could make it and im not going to give up

because i want to see garden of the gods"

Tyler 2010

"Today I learned not to panic when I try something new"

John age 17

"I was really nervous about the climb and I just had a

spectacular adventure"

Cheyenne 2011

"I just rode on a surfboard for the very first time."

Nate The Great 2010

"Right now I feel like I am in Heaven because it is

peaceful in the woods because it feels like I am

a part of the woods. I am in a great place to write.

I think it is great to relax and write your thoughts down."

Tyller November 2011

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