One on One With Mr. D


Doug Daugherty





Mr. D






Gifted leadership occurs

at the point where the head,

the heart, feeling, and

thought converge.

I believe almost any organization can improve its stature and performance and perhaps become great.

Focusing on what you can do better than others is the path to greatness.





Mr. D is a Certified Learning Behavior Specialist, leading expert in team building, experiential education, special education, and outdoor adventures. He has been involved with over 30 schools, universities, and multiple companies, throughout the world. Mr. D is Director of Camp D Adventures, a consultant, administrator, educator, businessperson, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, altruist, producer, philosopher, philanthropist, published writer, composer, and excellent musician. He has recorded five complete albums and produced many more. Mr. D has redefined special education through use of technology, curriculum development, instruction, leadership, coaching, and sustainability. He is an expert in developing 21st Century skills and minds for the future within companies, teams, and individuals of any age. As a scholar, leader, and practitioner he leads from the future, as it emerges. Mr. D is a member of the Alumni Associations of Southern Illinois University, The University of Phoenix, and Mid-Continent University. He is a member of the ACCT, ACE, AEE, AEOE, ASCAP, CEC, IEA, LEED, NAAEE, NASET, NEA, and USGBC.

MR. D may be contacted at or by calling

(618) 638-8059.