Family Challenge Expedition


Our innovative approach to experience and intervention is adventure-based whole brain programming. The program focuses on our Theory "D" a proven practice. Our alternative holistic therapeutic approach does not rely on verbal or cognitive processes. At Camp D Adventures we seek change through behavior, action, and reflection. Change occurs from the processes of translating insight into action by experiencing new challenges.

The Camp D Adventures Family Challenge Expeditions start on Friday evenings and end on Sunday afternoon around 3 or 4 P.m. central time. The course offers team-building activities and games to enhance communication, cooperation, innovation, and problem solving. The Family Challenge teaches families ways to improve their interactions to become a more effective team. Families will learn to set goals for themselves, observe themselves in action, and try new ways of interacting enhancing effectiveness in managing relationships and situations while having a great time!

The adventure-based whole brain experiential curriculum is developed in that the challenges are metaphors for the challenges the family will face in future life together.

All families are different so call for a consultation on this package. Options are many... hiking, horseback riding, climbing, bouldering, rappelling, and more....

A Great Package for Weekend Fun!

Prices on average for a family of four are $1200.00