Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning EFEL

Persons learn about themselves through interaction with their

environment including the people, animals, and situations involved.

EFEL helps clients with specifically designed interactive experiences

which promote healing and growth through improving the




Developing Trust

Social Skills

Sensory Stimulation


Combining body awareness exercises with motor planning and

verbal communication with an emphasis on developing choice-making

skills, goal setting skills, and problem solving  EFEL is a client favorite.

Wendy has been featured in Trail Rider Magazine and has guided

hundreds of equine experiences for people from all over the globe.

She says, "Hands on activities in working with a horse such

as caring for the animal, grooming saddling, riding and feeding requires

the ability to follow directions and trust adults."

At the end of the session the client can feel that things were done

correctly because the horse responded to them.

Costs: $50.00 per half-hour


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